Writing for a Singer – Key Elements When Writing for a Particular Singer

writing for a singerWriting for a singer can be challenging. Knowing a  great deal about the voice and the personality you are writing for is essential.

If you’re writing songs for a particular singer there are key points to keep in mind.


Obviously… this is one you don’t want to overlook. If you singer is male, is he able to sell a song about bearing children as effectively as a woman might? Umm … maybe not.

Sometimes you can alter you lyric line, even slightly,  to change the gender, or make the song non-gender-specific.


Another fairly obvious element is the genre. If you’re writing for a singer that brings the house down with a screamer rock song, perhaps the country ballad you have in mind isn’t appropriate.

Vocal Range

Analyze the vocal range of a singer before crafting your melody. Writing for a singer with a one octave range limits the melody line possibilities. Be careful not to let your melody drift beyond the singers ‘comfortable’ range. A good singer knows where their ‘wheelhouse’ is in their voice.

Style and Attitude

Look at personal style when writing for a singer. Would the rough and raw rebel cowboy singer have a difficult time pulling off your ‘everything is so wonderful’ song?  Perhaps.

The same singer might have a wonderful falsetto for those pretty high notes in the chorus, however, it just doesn’t gel with his personal style.

Age and Social Circumstances

Would the middle-aged singer in your sights be able to properly present your tune about her house full of toddlers?

Would the barely post teen starlet be able to offer a convincing performance with a song about her fourth divorce?

Be aware in your writing, of age and the singers social status to write appropriately.

Writing for a singer is challenging, yes, but keep these few key elements in mind as you write. Your success depends on it.

Again, don’t give up the song so fast. Look at changing a lyric line or two, or altering the melody slightly. Try to tailor fit the song to your singer, before tossing in the towel.

Write, write and rewrite,


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