Writing a Song – 8 Ways to Boost Your Own Creative Abilities

music-song-lyrics-sheetThere’s no question that the act of writing a song can pose something of a dilemma to many musicians. The following tips will show you how to enhance your own creative abilities, when it comes to songwriting.

1. Consider your passions

Lots of musicians over the years find their own passions from issues that affect them personally, one way or another. This might include love, environmental issues, health, money, and a variety of other things. Rap artists these days tend to write around themes that involve money, drug use, sex, and sometimes gang warfare. Country and Western songs are often themed around family matters, loss of youth, and of course – love.

2. Consider your emotions

Lyrics must have some form of strong emotional impact. Emotional impact comes from passion. If there’s no passion then life can become uninteresting and dull, and in turn, when songwriting, this lack of passion can make its’ way into the lyrics.

3. A life less ordinary

Although dentistry and accountancy are strong career choices, do you know of any songs that have been written by anyone from either profession? Musicians tend to lead more colorful lives, which in turn, provides for inspiration for writing a song.

4. Finding inspiration

Sitting placidly and trying to think up some good lyrics for a song is not always the best way forward. Often, people find inspiration from a variety of activities, including walking, swimming, and even taking a long shower. Being close to nature can provide for a big boost to inspiration also.

5. Using Bad Experiences

Artistic creation can regularly come from negative life experiences. Many artists use the death of a loved one to find inspiration for their music. Other artists use a variety of life experiences that also have negative connotations to inspire a creative flow. Therefore, a negative experience in life may not always be a bad thing – try to use it to your advantage.

6. Collaboration

Many people find that collaborating with a friend or perhaps a fellow band member can lead to inspiration for songwriting. Some bands work together in creating their song material – each member writes a line for a song, and the results, although often in need of a thorough editing process, can be very positive.

7. Cheating

There are a number of websites that are able to provide a unique set of lyrics for songs. Yes, excessive editing will no doubt be a requirement, but for many musicians, this provides for an excellent starting point.

8. Take a Notepad

Each day, there are numerous events around us that can provide for good inspiration for song lyrics. Take a notepad when you go out so you can write down anything that you feel can provide for a source of inspiration for your own songwriting. A digital pocket recorder works too, or use Evernote on your smart phone!

Although writing a song can pose a real challenge for many, and inspiration can prove to be elusive on a fairly consistent basis, there are still many ways in which to boost the creativity that we all have.

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