Songwriting Techniques – Vary the process

Generally, most people who enjoy the pursuit of songwriting undertake the task in much the same way. Music writers, as opposed to those who specialize in lyrics, normally utilize an instrument to improvise with the hope of eventually finding something that they like. The goal here is to create a completed song. But a better […]

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John Braheny

John Braheny – Forever, the songwriters best friend – Part 2/3

JoAnn It was 1979.  Jimmy Carter was our President.  Our federal debt was an ‘overwhelming’ 800 billion. The city of Pittsburg owned both the Super Bowl and World Series Championships.  The Sugarhill Gang released the first commercial rap hit, “Rappers Delight,” bringing rap off the New York streets and into the popular music scene.  The music industry […]

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Seven Steps for Songwriting Success

There’s no doubt that even the most talented songwriter experiences times when inspiration for the pursuit seems to go ‘bye-bye’. It’s a fact that songwriting is a rarely taught skill. Musicians are generally instinctive writers, taking their inspiration from both structure and form of the music they hear. They use inspiration to create a lyrical […]

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John Braheny, the Songwriters Best Friend

John Braheny – Forever, the Songwriters Best Friend – 1/3

On January 19, 2013 songwriters lost a good friend. Affectionately dubbed “the Songwriters Best Friend”, John Braheny passed away at his home in the Los Angeles area, after an off and on battle with battle with prostate cancer spanning over 12 years. He was 74. After over 40 years of mentoring, coaching and consulting songwriters […]

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Why Can’t We Just Be Normal??

Why Lord? Why must we roll over in bed every morning with some unheard smash hit melody screaming in our heads? Instead of cuddling to the other half, we dash to the music room, grab the guitar, and gone … replaced by Justin Bieber “Baby, baby, baby” from the clock radio blaring from the kids […]

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Songwriting Podcast – Coming Soon

I’m very excited about bringing a songwriting podcast into the SHQ mix. Look for it Summer 2013. Plans are: Bi-weekly production schedule Available free here, on ITunes and Stitcher A 20-30 minute Interview with an industry notable ie: Songwriter Songwriting Coach/Mentor Songwriting Authors Publisher Song Pluggers Music and Copyright Experts Music Marketing Guru’s Songwriter Product […]

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Get Connected – Your guide to songwriting on the net

  Here’s a list of links on the web where songwriters can find valuable information. We’ll try to update this list frequently and will let you know in a special post when something new and hot pops up on the HQ radar.  We would like to include local songwriting organization links, let us know who […]

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