getting your music heard

Getting Your Music Heard – Part One of Two

We thought the Internet would free our souls. Technology had advanced to the point that any songwriter, band, or ‘Average Joe’ with a Casio and Garage Band could make their music ring in every ear, world-wide. The exorbitant cost to get to market had gone and the best music would magically rise to the top […]

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Songwriters HQ

Writing a Song – 8 Ways to Boost Your Own Creative Abilities

There’s no question that the act of writing a song can pose something of a dilemma to many musicians. The following tips will show you how to enhance your own creative abilities, when it comes to songwriting. 1. Consider your passions Lots of musicians over the years find their own passions from issues that affect […]

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songwritershq recommended reading

Great Reads – 15 Excellent Songwriting Books

There are reams of great songwriting books out there. It was tough, however I’ve done my best to select fifteen of my favorites. I’ve chosen excellent books about the craft, skills building, and the business of songwriting. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to study ‘the science’ of songwriting to become successful. Let […]

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alliteration in songwriting

For Innovation, try Alliteration – Alliteration in Songwriting

Alliteration in songwriting is a powerful tool in the songwriter’s gig bag. Put simply, it’s two or more words (consonants) that have the same sound, either adjacent, or separated by a word or two. Using alliteration in your writing can help make the lyric more striking, memorable, or more pleasing to the ear. Alliteration can […]

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John Braheny

John Braheny – Forever, the Songwriters Best Friend – Part Three

The Book If you’re a songwriter, “The Craft and Business of Songwriting” is the Bible. First published in 1988, this value-filled text was one of John’s proudest accomplishments. His “best business card”, he quipped. John wrote a bi-weekly column called Song Mine, for Music Connection Magazine. These articles, with excerpts from several hundred interviews, were […]

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Writing lyrics – 10 Great Tips to Inspire

There can be no argument that writing lyrics is a very personal discipline – what tends to work well for one person will not necessarily be good for someone else. For some, it can take months to craft a song, while for others, it may only take a few minutes.

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Independance Day

Independence Day Inspiration

For my American friends, Independence Day is a great day for reflection.     Celebrate our great country’s birthday like a songwriter. Ten ideas to spark creativity. Take a hike – Grab your guitar and head for the hills. Anyone can find inspiration with a breathtaking hilltop view, or a riverside trail. Hit the beach – When […]

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Creating a Compelling Song Title

  It’s no doubt that an excellent song that has a fairly bland song title will attract far less interested listeners to it than if it had a really great title. With a good song title, it will draw in far more radio station attention as well as listeners. Here’s an example – the original […]

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Four Key Elements in Songwriting

Normally, in songwriting, the most overlooked elements within music are form, texture as well as dynamics. Recording companies usually have a team of producers who they can call upon in order to improve on the songwriting originally undertaken by the musician. Producers often have to invest a lot of time as well as money on […]

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Masterwriter 2.0

Product Review – MasterWriter 2.0

Powerful statement … powerful songwriter tool. I’ve been a MasterWriter user since it became available for the PC in 2007 (yes, I’m in therapy for being a PC guy ;)). I hate to admit it but… now, songwriting without MasterWriter is a little like watching TV with the sound off, you just don’t get it […]

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