Why Can’t We Just Be Normal??

Why Lord? Why must we roll over in bed every morning with some unheard smash hit melody screaming in our heads? Instead of cuddling to the other half, we dash to the music room, grab the guitar, and gone … replaced by Justin Bieber “Baby, baby, baby” from the clock radio blaring from the kids room.

pullinghairWhy? Oh, why do we have to sit down to a bowl of Lucky Charms, shovel it in, a begin chewing incessantly to the rhythm of a speed metal song that popped in our psyche. Normal people don’t do that!

Driving to work we periodically (ok, constantly) reach for our digital recorder strategically placed in the ashtray. “This will work”, we say aloud (yes, we are alone), knowing full well that upon playback, it will sound eerily like the soundtrack to a frozen waffle commercial.

Just why can’t we be normal? You know, like people who don’t walk on a crowded sidewalk tapping out a piano concerto, fingers flying against thighs. Then we barely avoid a head on collision with a beat cop due to our fervent resistance to stepping out of time. No pun intended, really.

Can’t we be like our normal co-workers who don’t unconsciously rattle out complex drum patterns, pencils banging anything within reach? Do they have to fight as hard as we do to resist trying the same pattern on the top of the water cooler? I don’t think so.

Normal people never get a pesky, irritatingly useless tune stuck deep in the cracks. It’s ringing your brain at mid-morning coffee. To the buffet for lunch, still there. It’s there, distracting as hell, during the afternoon meeting with the boss. Even a determined trip to the Muzak blasting elevator (Mantovani covered Van Halen?) won’t make it gone. By 4 pm, we have Googled to find a medication … to no avail.

The drive home is better perhaps. XM BPM somehow calms the frayed nerves. We have travelled this stretch so often, we don’t even see potential song titles on attorney billboards tonight.

Why can’t we be like other people? What’s so tough about being NORMAL?


Home finally, we open the door to the studio, sit down at the piano.

A few hours go by before we recognize the existence of time.


Deep sigh …

Quite honestly … we think NORMAL is so overrated.




About Jeff Lodge

I have been a songwriter pretty much all my life, since Grandpa Mac gave me his drum set (ya, you try writing a song on an old Slingerland 5 piece). I learned guitar, played around with piano, and fell head first into a fervent passion for creating music. I wrote a ton as a kid, with limited skills and knowledge. When I 'grew up', I studied the craft of songwriting and recording. I crave to learn more. It's my goal with SongWritersHQ to provide valuable content that will educate, entertain, or the songwriter community. I include myself in that community because if I don't learn something about this wonderful craft every day, I'm unfulfilled. I hope SongWritersHQ is as fulfilling for you as it is for me. Jeff
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