Independence Day Inspiration

Independance Day

For my American friends, Independence Day is a great day for reflection.



Celebrate our great country’s birthday like a songwriter. Ten ideas to spark creativity.

  1. Take a hike – Grab your guitar and head for the hills. Anyone can find inspiration with a breathtaking hilltop view, or a riverside trail.
  2. Hit the beach – When is looking at an ocean kissed horizon not inspirational?
  3. Throw a party – Invite your songwriter buddies over for an Independence Day jam session. A few beers perhaps, and a few chords, has inspiration written all over it.
  4. Take a road-trip – Pack the gear in the car and head to someplace you’ve never been. Find the first thing that draws you in and write about it.
  5. Immerse in Immersion – You have the day off right? Take a few hours and write as many songs as you can, as fast as you can. Knock out twenty songs and there will be a gem or two.
  6. Perform it – Take your gear out and play for a crowd. Leave the guitar case open, in case someone’s feeling generous.
  7. Food works – Take the gang and the axe to the park for a picnic. Food, especially fried chicken and potato salad, can be very inspirational, not to mention the beverages that often go along for the ride.
  8. Run it off – Exercise frees the mind. Try leaving the Ipod at home for this trip to the gym. Bring the pocket digital recorder for the hit song ideas that pop in between the panting.
  9. A little spying – Find a spot with people milling around, which is easy today. People watching often gets the creative juices flowing.
  10. Tunes o’plenty – There is music everywhere today. Check out a new band, or an old one to get the buzz going.

Or… take a few minutes and stare at the flag. The symbol of America. Take a read through our Declaration of Independence, or read a book on the founding fathers. If you do nothing else, remember why we are celebrating today. You can’t help but be inspired.

Happy Independence Day!



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