If at first you don’t succeed…success in songwriting

if at first you dont succeedIf at first you don’t succeed …

You know the rest.

Practice makes perfect, etc.

This is not news to you. Sometimes we need a reminder that things just don’t normally work out perfect for us, on the first try.

We fail. We are supposed to.

For every NO …

In sales, they say for every (insert large number here) “NO’s”, we will get one “YES”. So, the more rejection you get, the closer you are to a sale.

The same principle applies to songwriting. If you do your best work a hundred times, or five hundred times, you are just that much closer to realizing your goals.

Fear of failure

Songwriters, like in life, failure makes us better … we learn from it.

Angry Birds, the break-out viral game featuring a few cute birds and a slingshot, was software designers Rovio’s 52nd attempt at success. They spent eight years trying, nearly entered bankruptcy, until Angry Birds hit. And hit, it did.

WD-40, the staple household lubrication product on nearly every garage shelf, earns its name. WD stands for ‘Water Displacement’, which it indeed does well. It was the 40th attempt at a useable and marketable product. If they would have given up, think of all the squeaky hinges we’d be forced to live with.

Embrace failure. Make it an integral part of your songwriting routine.

Mistakes are the doors to discovery. Open every door you can.

In 1954, Elvis Presley was fired from the Grand Ole Opry after one appearance. They told him he should go back to truck driving.

Decca Records rejected the Beatles, citing “guitar groups are on the way out” and “the Beatles have no future in show business”. Whoops.

In your life, you’ve no doubt suffered a setback. Maybe even two. There is always an alluring excuse out there for you to jump on, waiting for you to take the easy path. The most successful shake it off, and move forward.

There’s an old saying that “every bulls-eye is result of a hundred misses”.

Next time you feel the burn of failure, smiles … knowing you’re one shot closer to success.

Success in songwriting takes time. It takes effort. Work it.

Write, write, and rewrite,




About Jeff Lodge

I have been a songwriter pretty much all my life, since Grandpa Mac gave me his drum set (ya, you try writing a song on an old Slingerland 5 piece). I learned guitar, played around with piano, and fell head first into a fervent passion for creating music. I wrote a ton as a kid, with limited skills and knowledge. When I 'grew up', I studied the craft of songwriting and recording. I crave to learn more. It's my goal with SongWritersHQ to provide valuable content that will educate, entertain, or the songwriter community. I include myself in that community because if I don't learn something about this wonderful craft every day, I'm unfulfilled. I hope SongWritersHQ is as fulfilling for you as it is for me. Jeff


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