Four Key Elements in Songwriting

MerylBabyWhiteBGNormally, in songwriting, the most overlooked elements within music are form, texture as well as dynamics.

Recording companies usually have a team of producers who they can call upon in order to improve on the songwriting originally undertaken by the musician.

Producers often have to invest a lot of time as well as money on reshaping songs simply because songwriters do not take the time or make the effort developing these four areas. Furthermore, musicians often struggle with form, texture, timbre and dynamics.



If you are already considering the dynamics as you compose each element of a song, you are already within advanced territory.

It’s wise to try to plan the dynamic range as you compose the song. Consider which parts of the song will be softer, and which will be louder, and how to allow for a smooth transition between each.



By using a variety of instruments, it adds “color” to the music. When the melody is complete, do some experimentation using various tone qualities which you can use to play the melody.

Even with a song for a solo instrument, think about how to bring “color” to the sound with your instrument of choice. As an example, when using a guitar, a very different sound quality is produced when playing down by the bridges than would be created if merely picking over the center of the string (12th fret).



The timbre and density of a sound can have an influence on the various melodies that you compose. Think about how, from section to section, the density of texture might change and what effect it will have on the music. When using a guitar to create a keyboard part, the approach will normally be very different to using a guitar to compose a guitar line.



From a musical point of view, beginning with form (the arrangement of various parts of a song) is a really good way to avoid getting into difficulty. Early in the writing process, if you do not focus on form it can be relatively easy to get into difficulty later on.

If you don’t consider the form of the song from the outset, often you’ll find that piecing the parts together cohesively can pose a number of problems that are then difficult to overcome.

Songwriting - Four Key Elements of a Song

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