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Independance Day

Independence Day Inspiration

For my American friends, Independence Day is a great day for reflection.     Celebrate our great country’s birthday like a songwriter. Ten ideas to spark creativity. Take a hike – Grab your guitar and head for the hills. Anyone can find inspiration with a breathtaking hilltop view, or a riverside trail. Hit the beach – When […]

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Creating a Compelling Song Title

  It’s no doubt that an excellent song that has a fairly bland song title will attract far less interested listeners to it than if it had a really great title. With a good song title, it will draw in far more radio station attention as well as listeners. Here’s an example – the original […]

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Four Key Elements in Songwriting

Normally, in songwriting, the most overlooked elements within music are form, texture as well as dynamics. Recording companies usually have a team of producers who they can call upon in order to improve on the songwriting originally undertaken by the musician. Producers often have to invest a lot of time as well as money on […]

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Songwriting Techniques – Vary the process

Generally, most people who enjoy the pursuit of songwriting undertake the task in much the same way. Music writers, as opposed to those who specialize in lyrics, normally utilize an instrument to improvise with the hope of eventually finding something that they like. The goal here is to create a completed song. But a better […]

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Seven Steps for Songwriting Success

There’s no doubt that even the most talented songwriter experiences times when inspiration for the pursuit seems to go ‘bye-bye’. It’s a fact that songwriting is a rarely taught skill. Musicians are generally instinctive writers, taking their inspiration from both structure and form of the music they hear. They use inspiration to create a lyrical […]

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