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Copyrighting your Songs – The US Copyright Process

Why is Copyrighting your songs important? Under international law (Berne Convention), copyright is the automatic right of the creator of the work. This means that your copyright exists the minute you have a tangible version of the music (sheet music, tape, CD, etc.).   So, you’re safe, right? Not really. The problem is this. Although […]

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songwritershq recommended reading

Great Reads – 15 Excellent Songwriting Books

There are reams of great songwriting books out there. It was tough, however I’ve done my best to select fifteen of my favorites. I’ve chosen excellent books about the craft, skills building, and the business of songwriting. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to study ‘the science’ of songwriting to become successful. Let […]

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Masterwriter 2.0

Product Review – MasterWriter 2.0

Powerful statement … powerful songwriter tool. I’ve been a MasterWriter user since it became available for the PC in 2007 (yes, I’m in therapy for being a PC guy ;)). I hate to admit it but… now, songwriting without MasterWriter is a little like watching TV with the sound off, you just don’t get it […]

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