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Paul McCartney talks about writing ‘Yesterday’

In this short clip, Paul and producer George Martin discuss the creation of the immortal song “Yesterday”. Enjoy! Write, write an rewrite, Jeff

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if at first you dont succeed

If at first you don’t succeed…success in songwriting

If at first you don’t succeed … You know the rest. Practice makes perfect, etc. This is not news to you. Sometimes we need a reminder that things just don’t normally work out perfect for us, on the first try. We fail. We are supposed to. For every NO … In sales, they say for […]

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writing for a singer

Writing for a Singer – Key Elements When Writing for a Particular Singer

Writing for a singer can be challenging. Knowing a  great deal about the voice and the personality you are writing for is essential. If you’re writing songs for a particular singer there are key points to keep in mind. Gender Obviously… this is one you don’t want to overlook. If you singer is male, is […]

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Fiona Apple Chats About Songwriting

In this short video, Fiona Apple and Quentin Tarantino discuss her songwriting motivations an techniques. Good stuff! Write, write and rewrite, Jeff

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Songwriters HQ

Writing a Song – 8 Ways to Boost Your Own Creative Abilities

There’s no question that the act of writing a song can pose something of a dilemma to many musicians. The following tips will show you how to enhance your own creative abilities, when it comes to songwriting. 1. Consider your passions Lots of musicians over the years find their own passions from issues that affect […]

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Writing lyrics – 10 Great Tips to Inspire

There can be no argument that writing lyrics is a very personal discipline – what tends to work well for one person will not necessarily be good for someone else. For some, it can take months to craft a song, while for others, it may only take a few minutes.

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Independance Day

Independence Day Inspiration

For my American friends, Independence Day is a great day for reflection.     Celebrate our great country’s birthday like a songwriter. Ten ideas to spark creativity. Take a hike – Grab your guitar and head for the hills. Anyone can find inspiration with a breathtaking hilltop view, or a riverside trail. Hit the beach – When […]

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