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Jeff Lodge

Welcome to SongWritersHQ.com

My name is Jeff Lodge and I am proudly a songwriter.

I’m not a famous songwriter, not a hit songwriter, hardly a published songwriter, but …

I’m a lot like someone you look at in the mirror everyday. I’m someone with a lifelong, powerfully burning passion for the craft and business of songwriting. No matter how good I get, how knowledgeable I feel, I will always ache for more.

Always have, and always will.

That’s pretty much summarizes my driving force behind the creation of  SongwritersHQ. My mission statement is simple; to offer content that will educate, entertain and empower songwriters everywhere, of every skill level.

So, that said … Come on in! 🙂

The Blog

My aim is to include a variety of  ‘just good stuff’!

  • A few Tips and Techniques that I’ve picked up along the path. A bunch of Tips and Techniques that I will pick up along the path.
  • VIP Profiles. Industry notables. Songwriter’s (duh), Songwriting Guru’s, Publisher’s, Song Plugger’s, and just about anyone else that can add value to us.
  • Product reviews. There’s a few out there that are great tools. If I use them and stand behind them, I’ll review them. If not, nope.
  • Book reviews. Same rules apply, there is just more great ones out there.
  • Guest posts. If it’s content that provides a value to us songster’s, I’m all ears. I would be honored in fact. 

Please, I encourage you to comment and will talk back.


The Podcast (coming soon)

Here’s where the fun begins. Again …. Educate, Entertain and Empower

  • VIP Profiles. Recorded audio interviews of industry notables. Songwriters, Gurus, Publishers, etc. etc.
  • Unsigned artist feature spot
  • Industry News


The email list

Please subscribe. It’s just a harmless ‘let you know when sumpin’s up” newsletter, like a new post or podcast. Not a new picture of my miniature dachshund.

I can’t stand spam either so I won’t clog your inbox.

I will never, ever, ever sell, trade or give away any of your personal info. Not even my mother.



SongwritersHQ has made available links throughout the site to companies that offer products or services to the songwriting community. To help ‘keep the lights on’, I receive a modest commission on purchases made from these links. My goal is to keep this site, and it’s content free to you. Any purchases made from SongwritersHQ are greatly appreciated!



This list is about YOU. Let me know what you want, need, desire etc.

As long as it’s

  1. Possible
  2. Legal
  3. Subjectively Moral
  4. Will benefit the songwriting community

… I’m on it!

Shoot me an email at jeff@songwritershq.com and I will reply, always!

I hope you enjoy. If you do, tell a friend (sharing is caring 😉

Thanks again.

Write, rewrite and write again!




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